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  • Minneapolis Paper Cut

    Minneapolis Paper Cut

    This is a paper cut of the streets of Minneapolis. I tried to make it as accurate as possible. Every street is there, every dead end, every park, every lake, everything within the city borders. It’s cut out of a single 14-by-24 inch piece of card stock.

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  • Midwest Brigadoon

    Midwest Brigadoon

    So I made a movie. It’s called Midwest Brigadoon. It’s about the Minnesota State Fair. It was shot before, during, and after the 2010 Fair. It’s about 25 minutes long, is non-narrated, and has a score written and performed by Leslie Ball. Here’s the trailer: If you’re interested in more info on the film, check [...]

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  • Gingerbread House ’09

    Gingerbread House ’09

    As much as I enjoyed it last time, it’s taken me a few years to find another December night available to try again. But 2009 appears to be the year. This is the simple, understated (I hope), design I came up with this year. It was just tricky enough with the compound-pitch roof to make [...]

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  • The Invisible Clock

    The Invisible Clock

    So I made a clock. It’s a pendulum clock made of clear acrylic and nested brass tubes. The design of the gear train, escapement mechanism, and housing is original. As such, I’m sure it’s not as refined as it could be. It’s missing things like a ratchet system. There’s a weight, but it’s not in [...]

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  • Nobody Likes A Mess

    Nobody Likes A Mess

    I draw a bit. It gets a little obsess’y sometimes. Here’s a gallery.

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  • My 2007 Annual Report

    My 2007 Annual Report

    In 2007, I got a little OCD and started tracking things like bottles of water and candy bars consumed, phone conversations, meals, etc. At the end of it, I put together a little annual report of my year, printed up about 100 copies, and sent them out as my 2007 holiday card. Here are the [...]

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  • La Ciel et la Terre

    La Ciel et la Terre

    I worked for a while in France some years ago. I was in the north, in Rheims, and when I had a few days off, I went to visit friends in Montélimar, in the south. The change in landscape between northern and southern France is remarkable. I took a bunch of photos on the train [...]

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  • Stained Glass

    Stained Glass

    Well, everyone was trying it, so I had to see what all the excitement was about. I signed up for a stained glass class through community adult ed. (Man, is that a fabulous racket. It’s cheep, it’s broad, and it’s easy. Go Community Ed!) First, we all did little sun-catchers. Then small panels. Then we [...]

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  • I Wish I Had A River

    I Wish I Had A River

    Growing up in Los Angeles, I heard about the “great rivers of the world” with my only frame of reference being my understanding of the Pacific Ocean. No one talked about the “great Pacific,” so I always imagined the great rivers, while obviously not challenging the size of the Pacific, certainly challenging the grandeur. I [...]

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  • I Voted for Gummi Bears

    I Voted for Gummi Bears

    A show/lecture that I perform, looking at the voting rights of felons.

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