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  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    I followed this guy‘s tutorial to make this year’s pumpkin. Took about two hours. Anyone know how to preserve something like this? (Although part of me wants to put this guy out of his misery as soon as possible. Any cool ideas for how to send him off?)

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  • Gingerbread <i>is</i> the Hiz-ouse

    Gingerbread is the Hiz-ouse

    For years, I’ve had this fascination with contemporary folk arts. When we think of “folk art,” we think of spinning yarn and sewing quilts and stuff like that. We don’t really think of folk art as a contemporary thing. But of course, it is. Contemporary folk arts are things like jack-o-lantern carving and Easter egg [...]

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  • Stained Glass

    Stained Glass

    Well, everyone was trying it, so I had to see what all the excitement was about. I signed up for a stained glass class through community adult ed. (Man, is that a fabulous racket. It’s cheep, it’s broad, and it’s easy. Go Community Ed!) First, we all did little sun-catchers. Then small panels. Then we [...]

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  • FairWaves


    The Minnesota State Fair hired me to produce a podcast for them. Listen online or subscribe via iTunes.

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  • Pysanky


    How I spend my Easter: (click on an image to enbiggen)

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