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  • Monle


    Monle is a four track, non-linear audio editor for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can record new audio, import prerecorded audio, cut it up, rearrange it, add fades, set volumes, zoom in and out, mix everything down, share audio with other applications, and send the audio wherever you want.

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  • Gimme That Beat

    Gimme That Beat

    I had a need for a probability drumbeat generator, but couldn't find one, so I created one. What exactly is that? Well, if you know what a step sequencer is, it's like that, except instead of toggling a hit on and off, you give it a probability of triggering. I don't know if anyone else will find it useful, but I do. Hit me up if you get any use out of it.

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  • FairWaves


    The Minnesota State Fair hired me to produce a podcast for them. Listen online or subscribe via iTunes.

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