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  • Gingerbread House ’09

    Gingerbread House ’09

    As much as I enjoyed it last time, it’s taken me a few years to find another December night available to try again. But 2009 appears to be the year. This is the simple, understated (I hope), design I came up with this year. It was just tricky enough with the compound-pitch roof to make [...]

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  • La Ciel et la Terre

    La Ciel et la Terre

    I worked for a while in France some years ago. I was in the north, in Rheims, and when I had a few days off, I went to visit friends in Montélimar, in the south. The change in landscape between northern and southern France is remarkable. I took a bunch of photos on the train [...]

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  • I Wish I Had A River

    I Wish I Had A River

    Growing up in Los Angeles, I heard about the “great rivers of the world” with my only frame of reference being my understanding of the Pacific Ocean. No one talked about the “great Pacific,” so I always imagined the great rivers, while obviously not challenging the size of the Pacific, certainly challenging the grandeur. I [...]

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