IKEA hack

I needed a laundry hamper. IKEA trip! But looking around, they only had crappy metal, bright plastic hampers, or ugly-ass rattan things. I did find a few things that were close, so I hacked ‘em together. Here’s how:

So I got two items, a small VACKER shelving unit and a NATURLIG laundry basket. The VACKER had the type of framing that I wanted and the NATURLIG had a nice canvas bag.

Step 1: Tear up the instructions.

So problem number 1: I was going to use the shelves as a front and back. The top and bottom of the VACKER are supposed to go as shown, but the top and bottom and shelves weren’t square, which meant that for the shelves to fit …

…they’d have to go like so. But, the rails of the front going perpendicular to the ground while the rails of the sides going parallel to the ground didn’t look so hot to me.

Everything works if you turn the top and bottom 90 degrees, but you’ll have to drill all new holes. Not a problem.

Here’s a little tip on lining up new holes. Just drill through the first piece and insert the screw so it just pokes out. Put the two pieces together how you want them, and squeeze them together.

Now the second piece has a mark where you drill. (This seems obvious, but I’m amazed how often I’m working with folks who hadn’t learned this.)

Sides together.

Front and back together. The original unit had a top, bottom, and two shelves, which meant I had one shelf left over, perfect for a lid.

The lid was just hinged with two screws, but we needed a stop for the front. The unit came with a few dowels for the shelves, so might as well use them. I placed the lid in the flat position, and drilled where the dowel needed to go.

Dowel hanging out.

And seems to hold just fine. But it’s bigger than it needs to be.

Cut that mofo in half.

Fill the holes with glue and put each half in, cut side in, so it looks all professional like.

Open up the NATURLIG and pull out the canvas bag. (We assembled the NATURLIG sans bag and are using it for recycling.)

Tuck it in under the lid stops in the front…

…and take the tiny bit of slack in the back.

Badda bing, badda boom, you got yourself a hamper that doesn’t look like ass.

Took about 30 minutes.