Stained Glass

Well, everyone was trying it, so I had to see what all the excitement was about. I signed up for a stained glass class through community adult ed. (Man, is that a fabulous racket. It’s cheep, it’s broad, and it’s easy. Go Community Ed!)

First, we all did little sun-catchers. Then small panels. Then we each picked patterns from a book for our final pieces. Being the overachiever (read: unrealistic under-estimator of time and ability) that I am, I came up with a custom design. To the instructor’s credit, she tried to talk me out of it. Even more to her credit, she totally supported me once I decided to go for it – even letting me work in her studio after-hours to finish it in time. Here it is:


It’s far from perfect, but it looks pretty on the windowsill, so I’m happy.